Email Marketing

We all check our inboxes multiple times everyday. Email Marketing with well-crafted nurturing sequences and monthly newsletters can boost your lead generation in blazing fast times. However, firing out emails without any purpose can prove to be extremely harmful to your brand. BrandSpiker to the rescue.



The Basics

Email Marketing is a classic Outbound Marketing technique. It is a proven and tested way to build an audience. Contrary to common belief, you don’t always have to lure in readers to your blog and make them subscribers. There are a lot of people who like their content served and fed directly to their inbox, and understandably so. This means you still have to create engaging blog posts and insightful whitepapers, but you don’t have to rely on Content and Social Marketing to make them reach the right people. Email Marketing is something that often doesn’t get enough attention.

Writing captivating Subject Lines with convincing content will get you good results. But if you want your audience to really connect with your brand and product, you will need to use inspiring email visuals and videos to throw in the KO punch. Everything has to blend together.

Newsletters and Email Marketing

If you are not delivering newsletters to your email subscribers, you are missing out on many levels. Firstly, newsletters help create a sense of intimacy. Readers traditionally look out for their weekly or monthly doze of goodness. Needless to say, you will need to make sure there is always a healthy doze of it. A good newsletter should ideally showcase your best performing blog posts with a mix of feature updates and company information. All combined, good Email Marketing will transform you into thought leaders, while also promoting brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty.

Thought leadership blog posts are key newsletter ingredients.

Newsletters eventually are a crucial tool to drive people to your website in a friendly and thought-inspiring way. They can also be used to promote your social media accounts and indirectly boost your Social Marketing activity. In short, don’t neglect the newsletters.

Nurturing Sequences

While Sales emails are aggressive and pushy, Marketing nurturing sequences need to be on the educational side. Besides using thought-provoking subject lines and having a great copy, you need to provide your readers with value – think success stories, case studies, and insightful blog posts or white papers. Anything less than that will result in lost business and brand damage (translation – your emails will end up in more and more spam folders). That’s why nurturing sequences and content marketing go hand in hand. Make sure you have enough lead magnets before getting started.

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Email Marketing Automation

Last but not the least, Email Automation is now much more than just a trend. Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot are now being commonly used to send time and action-triggered emails to subscribers, leads, or just potential clients. However, this power has to be used smartly and sparingly for best results, something that is not always done. Before becoming aggressive, you need the reader to get to know you. This can be followed up with a testimonial email or something related to your product. Either way, our expert writers will come up with the best content for your email sequences.

Also, the more you segment your audience, the better results you will get. It’s also a good idea to try A/B Testing to better understand your audience’s exact preferences. The Open and Click Rates should be able to tell you the story quite accurately.

As mentioned earlier, writing up good emails isn’t enough. You will need good lead magnets in your email sequences. Lead magnets can be ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, or other types of engaging content that will poke the reader’s interest. This is where BrandSpiker comes in. Our experts have over a decade of Email Marketing experience. Not only will be hook you up with killer email sequences, we will add in a lethal doze of quality content for optimal results. Only a proactive approach will help you make your mark today.