Content Marketing

Content Marketing is more than a bunch of blog posts and social media material. This is a common misconception even today. Content Marketing is about creating (and distributing) quality pieces across multiple channels for improved lead generation and boosting brand awareness. 




What is Content Marketing?

The content you are creating and publishing is serving a purpose, whether you are aware of it or not. It is an integral part of the sales funnel, where it works to pull in new potential clients (leads). This activity is also known as outreach. But it doesn’t really end there. Quality content, like created by our expert writers at BrandSpiker, can help you convert these leads even before your Sales team reaches out to them. For example, a well written blog post with a convincing CTA can easily convince the reader to try out the demo before making a purchase. It’s that simple sometimes.

The Editorial Calendar

We are firm believers in a well planned and executed Editorial Calendar. Many companies make the mistake of just filling in the blanks and writing blog posts about random topics related to their product or sector. However, there is much more that goes into this. A healthy strategy is having a quarterly sync with the Product, Sales, and R&D stakeholders in your company to learn about what’s new with your product. Also, it doesn’t hurt to check out your social media channels and see what is trending in your sector. Only then can you come up with a solid Editorial Calendar that will bring quick results.

The Editorial Calendar should obviously also be influenced by some comprehensive keyword research. You want to be found easily by your target audience. Healthy SEO practices and blog optimisations are also things we don’t neglect at BrandSpiker.

Content Distribution and Repurposing

Although this is more related to Social Marketing, you need to create your content with distribution in mind. Are you writing to quench the thirst of all personas you wish to engage? Are you striking the right balance between text, video, and images? Writing long blog posts can be good for SEO purposes, but it’s not worth much if your readers exit after a few paras or experience “fatigue”. The content you create needs to be customized to allow smooth distribution. This is the only way you can achieve success and bring in people to your website. Thats the ultimate goal after all.

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Tracking Your Progress

We are noticing more and more CMOs who have lost track of their content delivery. Their Editorial Calendar in shambles and there is no actual delivery pipeline in place to make sure things are being created systematically. This is something we can easily fix at BrandSpiker. But we offer much more than that. With the help of  Google Analytics and other professional techniques, we have the ability to demonstrate sustainable progress in your performance metrics on a quarterly basis – incoming traffic, blog subscribers, social media sharing, and other reader metrics (time-on-page, user journey, etc.).

Repurposing content is another thing that should not be neglected. Tweaking and updating blog posts, creating new SEO-optimized webpages based on old content, creating material for the sales department, and cross-linking various pages are just a few things we do really well at BrandSpiker.

Testimonials and Social Proof

Using testimonials goes way beyond planting a slider on your website homepage. Firstly, you need to make sure they are written in an engaging and convincing manner, which is often not the case. But when your content is ready, you need to integrate it into multiple channels. These channels include, blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, and social media campaigns. The bottom line is that testimonials, when created properly, are a powerful way to sell your product. When repurposed as one-pagers, that can also be an amazing sales tool and conference/expo bait for potential clients.

Adopte a Multi-Layered Approach

Having a great corporate blog is just a start. As a CMO, you are expected to create email blasts based on high-level content like whitepapers and ebooks. These can only be written by capable and trained writers like we have at BrandSpiker. Besides making the content interesting, your readers are expecting added value. They want to learn new things and make sure your product can deliver. So you will need to create great whitepapers and ebooks, but also make sure that their are actually engaging your target audience. Technical readers don’t like pointless content pieces.

Your Content Marketing strategy needs to be solid, with emphasis on creating a new weekly blog post and a minimum of one whitepaper a month, not to mention new webpages (i.e, – Glossary). Besides these pieces, you should ideally be creating some kind of gated content on a quarterly basis.

Content Marketing is not just about blog posts, whitepapers, and webpages. There are also other kinds of content that can create a buzz in the market and turn you into thought leaders. We are equally capable of producing Salary Surveys or Research Reports that can be marketed (via Email and Social Marketing) as gated content to fetch quality leads with minimal fuss. This kind of content can help you create added value and drive more traffic to your website. Ready to get your Content Marketing back on track? Contact BrandSpiker now.