Contrary to popular belief, branding is something that SaaS startups need to get right from the get go. Yes, companies often rebrand as they scale, but you must be consistent from the very beginning. Getting a cheap logo done on Fiverr is easy, but there’s much more that goes into modern branding strategies. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. 



The Messaging

Before even getting started with Branding and Design, you must work on your messaging. Your main message points should be based on your product’s main features and selling points. Avoid generic slogans and promises. Those will eventually alienate your target audience, a development you will probably fail to recover from. Instead, showcase the added value you are bring to the table and highlight important things such as cost of ownership, maintenance procedures, and last but not the least – customer support. BrandSpiker will help you with all this.

The Logo

As mentioned earlier, many companies still don’t spend enough time while deciding on their Branding and Design. They use random freelancers, often not even specialising in IT, to create a few logo designs to choose from. There are also some companies who get a generic logo from one of the options available on the net without really understanding what they are doing. The result can be devastating. Online B2B Marketing is all about visual perceptions. Bad logos are the first thing to surface when people visit your website.

The right thing to do when it comes to designing a logo is understanding your target audience. More often than not, it’s all about simplicity. The logo should ideally be inspired by the sector you belong to and should reflect your company’s vision. This will make your life much easier while reaching out to your target audience, who will soon start recognising you just by seeing or hearing your brand name. Once you have established such a connect with your potential clients, you can start building on that and take it to the next level.

The Design

You cannot have the competitive edge by just putting up a good logo. The logo is just the first step in the right direction when it comes to clear and effective Branding. Just like it isn’t wise to cough up a random logo from somewhere, design is also key when it comes to engaging your target audience. Many CMOs and CEOs fail to understand that having a brand identity is directly linked to picking the right design elements and applying them across all channels – website- social media platforms, and print (business cards, rollups, etc).

Even before getting started, there is a lot of research that needs to be done. What is your competition doing, what strategies are working in the market, and how your target audience responds to different styles. At BrandSpiker, we leave nothing to chance. Only after doing our research, out expert designers will zero-in on a couple of design options for your brand. We will make sure that the design will reflect the vision of the founders, while also creating a unique personality that cannot be mixed up with other companies.


You have everything in place? Great. Now you need to make sure everything is consistent. As a growing company, you will see new workers coming in with new ideas and methods of work. But nobody should deviate from the established Branding and Design fundamentals. All messaging should be adopted with zero deviations, while using the approved design language in all kinds of communications. Many companies make the mistake of not being consistent on social media. Consistency has to be maintained to achieve optimal recess when it comes to brand recognition and market penetration.

Having a great product is good. But you will need professional Branding and Design services to draw attention to it. Competitor research is a crucial process that is often ignored. Freelancers with no real B2B Marketing experience often complicate and create busy visuals, which take the focus off your messaging. Yes, you will need to be unique to stand out, but complex graphics and gimmicky color themes won’t help your cause. Reaching and engaging your ideal target audience requires a lot of work. There are no shortcuts to success.  

So what are you waiting for? Hit us up and lets get started.