B2B Marketing is always evolving. New techniques and features are surfacing everyday in this space, making it tough to be up-to-date while staying focusing on your day-to-day chores. This is where dedicated B2B Marketing courses are coming into play. Let’s take a closer look at the best ones you must look into in 2022. 

Before diving into the list, we would like to mention Hootsuite Academy, which is currently offering a comprehensive set of Social Media Marketing certifications. You can sign up or send your team members to get educated about the key aspects of this field, which is gaining even more momentum in the current COVID-19 and remote/hybrid work reality.

1. Microsoft Advertising Certification

This FREE certification will help you get familiar with the most important aspects of online advertising and will also show you how to optimize your ad campaigns (both paid and organic ones). While most CMOs and marketing executives already have basic knowledge of these concepts, gaining more in-depth information will always help achieve better results.

Best For: CMOs, Marketing Executives, Social Media Experts

If staying ahead of the curve is important, getting this certification is a good idea. This training will also show you how to optimize your reporting, while also familiarizing you with the latest tracking and monitoring tools. Getting the Certified Professional Badge (and a one year membership) requires you to pass the exam by receiving a score of 80% or higher. Good luck!

2. OMCP Digital Marketing Certification

The OMCP Digital Marketing Certification is awarded to B2B marketing professionals with proven experience who have demonstrated knowledge of best practices across multiple disciplines. Over 900 colleges and institutes are currently offering OMCP programs, with thousands of leading B2B companies (both enterprises and SMBs) seeking these important qualifications.

Best For: CMOs, Marketing Executives

To get OMCP certified, you will need to show that you have the minimum required experience (5000 hours) and pass the exam. You can get started by opening your free account, after which you will be required to complete all requirements before officially requesting a certification review. The OMCP exam fee is 395 USD. We highly recommend going for this B2B marketing certification.

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3. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

There are many good B2B Marketing automation tools out there today, but we at BrandSpiker strongly believe that HubSpot is the gold standard. It’s also not surprising that they are offering a FREE Content Marketing Certification for CMOs, Marketing executives, Content Managers, or even freelancers looking to climb up the B2B Marketing ladder.

Best For: Content Managers, Content Marketing Experts

HubSpot Academy is offering this exclusive program, which consists of 12 lessons (56 videos) that cover key topics such as Content Marketing, Blogging, and building strategies powered by SEO best practices. You will need to take (and pass) a total of 11 quizzes that are scattered along the 6:20 hour video sessions. Not easy by any means, but well worth the effort.

4. Google Analytics Qualification

It has become extremely important to track your progress in the B2B Marketing space today. Google Analytics has become the more popular to get started. While most CMOs are already using this important tool, their workers are often kept out of the loop with results not being shared properly. This is a huge mistake that hurts productivity and damages morale.

Best For: ALL B2B Marketing Professionals

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification program covers basic concepts such as planning and implementation, before diving into the heavy topics such as reporting and metrics. This course is 2 hours long, after which the B2B Marketing professional will be required to take a 1 hour long exam. It’s FREE. Get started now! Empower your team and enjoy the growth!

5. YouTube Certification

Video Marketing has come a long way in recent years. With more and more people opting to consume their content on their smartphones, creating engaging B2B Marketing videos has become a must. However, Video Marketing goes way beyond that. You need to know the ins and outs of the YouTube platform as well to improve your outreach and engagement results.

Best For: CMOs, Content Managers, Video Marketing Experts

YouTube Certification is a free course that all related professionals, executives and animators alike, should take as soon as possible. Channel growth, content ownership, and asset monetization are just a few topics that you will learn in this online course. Other key issues like rights management and advanced analytics are also touched upon in this useful program.


Top B2B Marketing Certifications

Unfortunately, there are many courses and certifications that are simply a waste of time and money. We highly recommend steering away from programs and courses that make unrealistic promises on social media. Stick to the known names for the best results. We also recommend getting in touch with us to kickstart your B2B Marketing ops.