The COVID-19 crisis will probably be affecting B2B Marketing in 2021 and beyond. Hence, it’s no surprise that Social Marketing is currently dominating the B2B Marketing space. With more and more CMOs and Marketing executives looking to make their mark, it’s incredible important to get your Social Media Marketing right before wasting money on campaigns.

The following checklist has been created with the modern B2B Marketing model in mind. It will help you get your content out fast, always to the right target audience for maximum engagement and best results. This is the only way become thought leaders and gain the edge in your specific sector. Let’s get started.

Decide on Your Messaging

Eager to join the Social Marketing game? Great. But you are not going to be alone and there are dozens of companies fighting for the attention of the same target audience. Is your messaging sharp and engaging? You need to make sure you have done your home work. Always showcase your top selling points in your posts.

Hire Dedicated Social Media Experts

Social Media management requires dedicated experts to interact with the right personals, joint the most relevant groups, and respond to messages. There is a lot of reading and tracking that goes into it. Do you have talented designers to come up with engaging creatives? No resources? Work with a proven agency to cover all bases.

Focus on the Right Platforms

You will also need to select the Social media platforms that are most relevant to your product and market. For example, a DevOps tech organization doesn’t need to waste its time on Instagram. Quora and Twitter make more sense. Common budget and manpower limitations also make it wiser to focus only on the right platforms.

Analyze Your Competition

You have the earn the spotlight on the Social Media stage. Your rivals are also running campaigns and fighting for the attention of your target audience. There is no way you can win this battle without researching your competition. You will need to stand out with a unique, engaging, and attractive strategy that is yet to be seen on the net.

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Set Up Your Infrastructure

Brand awareness is created by interacting with your target audience and introducing your tech to influencers. This can only be done if you shortlist the most relevant groups and create proper documentation to track your progress. This is not something that is achieved overnight. Work with the experts to set up your infrastructure.

Establish Your Metrics

Once your infrastructure is in place, you will need to decide on metrics that you will be measuring and monitoring. Many CMOs fail to understand the importance of this aspect. For example, you should be tracking your hashtag performance on Twitter, number of clicks each post is getting, and overall engagement/reach.

Decide on a Schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to B2B Social Media Marketing. This means that your audience expects you to come through and share valuable content on a regular basis. By not doing so, you will see less interaction and dwindling interest across the board. For example, you should be sending out tweets at least twice daily.

Use Video Marketing

With more and more people on their mobile phones, you need to understand that they don’t have time to read long articles. Video is becoming more and more effective in conveying messages online. Don’t miss out. Create a main corporate video and follow it up with short clips that showcase your product’s top selling points.

B2B Social Media Marketing Checklist

Even following the steps mentioned in this article will not maximize your results if you are not integrating Video Marketing into your activity. With more and more people using their smartphones, your posts and campaigns will not gain real traction if you are not sharing captivating videos. Look at this as a long term investment.

It’s important to follow the aforementioned steps, but you must also think outside the box. Going through the motions only gets you so far. Good B2B Social Media Marketing involves the constant monitoring of trends and feeling the pulse. Many organizations fail to take it to the next level due to their lack of proactiveness. Avoid mediocrity at all costs. Get started now.