Most CMOs and B2B Marketing executives are investing their resources in blogging and Email Marketing. But what about Social Media Marketing initiatives? Holiday Marketing is now being recognized as a “guerrilla tactic” to generate more brand awareness and bring in new leads. Learn more about this upcoming growth strategy.

What is Holiday Marketing?

Holiday Marketing is essentially a subset of Social Media Marketing that leverages festivals, holidays, and events to generate traction and stickiness with target audiences. The main goal is to trigger a personal connection and positive sentiment with the potential lead, something that will ideally become associated with your brand and service. This kind of marketing can also be performed with Email Marketing.

Contrary to common belief, Holiday Marketing is not exclusive to B2C Marketing. This growth technique is now helping B2B brands to go beyond the traditional marketing boundaries and establish a friendly vibe with their global audiences. With more and more generic content flooding the web today, Holiday Marketing is helping trigger emotion with customized themes and personalized messages.

B2B Holiday Marketing

Top 5 Holiday Marketing Best Practices

Let’s dive into the best practices.

1. Leverage Your Newsletters

Most SaaS companies send out monthly newsletters, but click rates don’t really go up due to the lack of variation in them. Make sure you are tracking all upcoming festivals and integrating them into your copywriting process. For example, if the newsletter is being sent to your Canadian audience, integrate themes like Winterlude, The Ex, K-Days, and more. Always segment your audiences.

2. Keep Your Webmaster Busy

Your Holiday Marketing should not be skin deep. Integrate graphic elements into your website and keep your visitors guessing. Having a nice Christmas theme in December will help you minimize bounce rates and give the audience a cozy feel that will drive them towards the main goal – trying a demo. Make sure that the holiday content is not outdated, something that can backfire on you.

3. Create More Graphics and Videos

Wishing your customers and partners on social media is nice, but integrating graphic elements with your company logo can take things to the next level when it comes to creating brand awareness. The human brain is wired to recognize combinations of text and images. Sooner or later, your brand will start being associated with being personalized and friendly. Engage your designer more.

4. Raffles and Giveaways

SaaS applications are harder to “give away”, unlike eCommerce commodities or physical products. But you can still use raffles to engage with your target audience. For example, developers love headphones and gadgets. They’ll gladly engage with your social media pages for a new pair of AirPods. Offer more free trials, promotions, or simply unlock all product features for the holidays.

5. Give Back to the Community

Charity is a good thing to indulge in. But using holiday-themed campaigns can help your brand create even more buzz and gain more credibility. Pick some useful initiatives and become associated with them on an annual basis. Corporate culture is created with persistence and consistency, While results probably won’t be instant, your brand will be seen in a different way in the long run.

Holiday Marketing with BrandSpiker

BrandSpiker is helping B2B brands elevate their Social Media Marketing by investing in more subsets simultaneously. These include Influencer Marketing and the aforementioned Holiday Marketing. Only a proactive approach can help you stand out in today’s crowded digital space. Our experienced team of copywriters and designers will help you expand your reach in no time.