Email marketing is probably the oldest form of outbound B2B marketing, but it’s still going strong. Marketers are now sending out millions of emails on a daily basis, something that’s making it harder to cut through the noise and make an impact. Here are some proven and tested email marketing tips that will help you gain more traction.

What is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B email marketing is a key outbound marketing subset that uses emails to convey information, promotions, and product updates to existing and potential customers. While the emails to active customers need to be more bottom-heavy, prospects need more educational content to get on board. Both cases require a clear and sharp approach for best results.

B2B Marketers must leverage content assets for their email campaigns:

  • Blog Posts – Popular blog posts help create more credibility and help educate the readers about specific topics. This will eventually help them understand your value proposition.
  • Social Proof – Sharing case studies and success stories via emails helps establish trust and elevate brand awareness. Nothing is more powerful than real-life testimonials.
  • Webinars and Videos – People today are busy, with a short attention span. More and more B2B businesses are promoting their webinars and live talks via email marketing communications.

You can’t succeed in your email marketing without creating quality content assets.

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10 B2B Marketing Tips

While this list of best practices will focus on the content and visibility aspects, we would like to touch upon the importance of email lists. You can buy lists from multiple sources, but your B2B business should be obsessed with the idea of collecting emails personally from social media, corporate events, webinars, and even random encounters in lobbies or while commuting.  

Without further ado, lets cover some key email marketing tips:

1. Adopt an Educational Approach

Many B2B businesses adopt a sales-heavy approach with their marketing emails, something that creates antagonism and lowers open rates significantly. Avoid sales pitches and be less aggressive.

2. Create Witty Subject Lines

Your emails can be great, but nobody is going to see them without compelling subject lines. Besides being witty and smart, always integrate an emoji into it. Just one should suffice, don’t overdo it.

3. Keep The Text Short

You may have a lot of information to convey, but don’t pack emails with long explanations. The text needs to be short, concise, and engaging. No more than two paragraphs per email.

4. Use More Bullet Lists

If you are finding the last tip rather confining, no worries. You should integrate a 5-point bullet lists into your emails. This helps readers scan your page faster and take action accordingly.

5. Create a Strong CTA Button

Every email should have a CTA button that punctuates the content of the email. It should also be a direct extension of your subject line. Not doing so will definitely lead to lower conversion rates.

6. Mind Your Tone

Most B2B marketers know that emails should not be too official. Make them more conversational, but get too casual. The readers are NOT your friends. Strike the right balance.

7. Embrace A/B Testing

Segment your audience and experiment with subject lines or content assets. Email marketing is not a one-off task. You should be revamping your sequences on an bi-annual basis. 

8. Invest More in Newsletters

We see many companies sending out monthly newsletters with three links to blog posts and a quick product update. Go the extra mile. Share links to webinars, events, podcasts, and insightful quotes.

9. Optimize for Mobile

As per EmailMonday, almost 60% of people start their day by going through their inbox, mostly via their smartphones. A clustered email that isn’t optimized for mobile will land you in the “junkyard”.

10. Don’t Lose Faith

Email marketing takes time, just like SEO. You’ll need to be patient and consistent with your efforts, while constantly fine tuning your strategy till you start seeing results. Don’t give up!

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B2B Email Marketing With BrandSpiker

Email Marketing isn’t rocket science, but many things need to be done correctly for it to work. BrandSpiker’s team is highly experienced in understanding value propositions, analyzing market trends, and creating personalized email sequences that will produce demonstrated results in a few months. Need help with blogging and creating content assets? We’ve got you covered.